Transparent architectural production


It's been three years since I established my company, and I started to feel that I need to verbalize my thoughts and awareness of issues, so I created a note account for my company. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update it, but I'll try to do so as much as possible.

I work in the construction industry, and I have always felt uncomfortable with the process of building, the so-called construction production process. I have been unable to put it into words, but over the past few years, I have gradually been able to put it into words. It is often said that the construction production process in Japan has a lot of unnecessary work, a lot of backtracking, ambiguous responsibilities, and so on. If you look at it in detail, there are inexplicable parts in every part, but I couldn't understand why, and it was hard to get the whole picture.

Since I didn't understand it well, I started to read books on building production and general contractors (general contractors) by clicking on them one by one from the top of Amazon. And to my surprise, I found that 30 years ago, around 1990, the same issues were being discussed as they are today as problems in the future construction production process. I was astonished to find out that I was still experiencing the same problems 30 years later, and that the issues discussed 30 years ago have remained unchanged to this day. I would like to write this note to express my sense of despair, and also my feeling that it will be very difficult to change this in my lifetime. To be honest, my feeling is that the current architectural production process is basically bankrupt. Or perhaps it is more correct to say that the system, people, and technology have not been able to keep up with the required architectural production process.

Up until now, the people inside the company have managed to make construction projects work by using magic (meaning working on holidays and overtime), but with fewer people, fewer skilled workers, and an aging population, how can this be done? Most of the projects I have participated in have been completed by wizards, and the schedules were always out of order. I think the reason why we still manage to do it is because, in the end, some part of us is being squeezed. I don't know because I can't see it, but it could be temporary workers, factory workers, field workers, or maybe most of the people participating in the project. I have been wondering who benefits from participating in a building project in this state, and I feel that no one benefits, except for certain mysterious middlemen. The contractors who support the project are all exhausted, and the risk is inherent in the project, and the client has to hold on to the unstable quality of the construction for decades. Also, if problems are found after the building is delivered, the client has to negotiate a lawsuit or settlement. (In the case of Japan, most problems are settled and do not appear on the surface.) With these thoughts in mind, I wondered what I could do to help. Also, I will try to write this article with as many illustrations as possible so that people who are not involved in the construction industry can understand it, so I hope you will read it.




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